The BCI publishes the BCI Horizon Scan Report 2018

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The long awaited Horizon Scan Report of the Business Continuity Institute for 2018 is finally out!

Every year, the report involves a substantial number of professionals to analyze, in this order:

  • which are the main threats concerning organizations today;
  • which are the most common disruptions among organizations around the world;
  • the new emerging trends;
  • the efforts and investments organizations are making to increase their resilience.

And it enriches all with interesting case studies and in-depth analyses on single aspects which are most relevant for Business Continuity professionals.

As for threats, 2018 confirms the podium that stays the same since 2016: cyber-attacks, data breaches and unplanned IT and telecommunications outages are by far the most feared, surpassing other threats with a big lead.

The use of internet for malicious attacks is obviously the top trend for 2018. 2017 was definitely the year of cyber-attacks and 2018, following the recent intrusions in the Winter Olympics’ website, is living up to 2017.

Among trends, we also find the loss of key talents, the influence of social media in reputation and crisis management, and the new rules and regulations. Let’s not forget that in less than three months, the GDPR will loom over organizations of any kind and size.

But the most significant data for professionals of Business Continuity is the exponential growth in investments in BCM and in the ISO22301 uptake, the international standard for Business Continuity Management. 70% of organizations declares that they are following the standard in order to manage their continuity, and therefore increase the degree of resilience of the same organization.

The full report can be accessed at this link for free, following registration to the BCI website.

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