The BCI launches the Manifesto for Organizational Resilience

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On May 14 2018, the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) launched the Manifesto for Organizational Resilience.

The Manifesto is a call to action for different organizations, functions and disciplines to work together in a collaborative way to deliver resilience to organizations of all kinds, no matter their size, industry or location.

In the manifesto, Resilience is defined as “the ability of an organization to absorb and adapt in a changing environment” (ISO 22316:2017). It is a broad concept, which draws on the experience and efforts of a large number of interrelated management disciplines, including Business Continuity, Crisis Management, Enterprise Risk Management and many others.

No management discipline or member association can claim ownership of organizational resilience. Nevertheless, Business Continuity principles and practices are an essential contribution in developing and enhancing resilience within an organization and a community.

Specifically, Business Continuity helps professionals and organizations identify their priority activities and mitigate the risks of disruption to those activities. Consequently, these organizations will develop a better capability to respond and continue their activities in the face of disruptions.

The Manifesto restates the BCI’s mission to explain to the wider community how Business Continuity works and how it should be implemented within organizations. Indeed, BCI’s Good Practice Guidelines 2018 defines the good practice for embedding continuity within organizations.

Furthermore, the Manifesto for Organizational Resilience shares a list of pledges by the Business Continuity Institute:

  • the BCI promises to champion academic research and new thinking for the benefit of the practitioner community;
  • they will create a series of global and local Resilience Alliances with other like-minded professional bodies;
  • it promises to establish a series of Next Practice Groups around the world
  • and, finally, the BCI will develop and launch an Online Resilience Tool designed to increase awareness among all kinds of organizations.

Download the full Resilience Manifesto at the following link:

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