Supply Chain Resilience Course

Learn how to best manage the resilience of your supply chain.

Join our dedicated course and learn the key principles and best practices of supply chain resilience.

Why take a Supply Chain resilience course?

Supply chains are one of the most challenging aspects of an organization to manage. They are vulnerable to a wide variety of threats (e.g. cyber-attacks, terrorism, cargo theft), they can be located abroad, potentially subject to different legislations, and it is incredibly hard to have full visibility over them. Disruptions are therefore highly frequent and costly, with losses reaching tens of billions of dollars in the most extreme cases.

Thus, organizations need to be aware of the levels of vulnerabilities concerning their suppliers and prepare accordingly, through a joint effort of different functions, such as risk, business continuity, IT and health & safety. Specifically, business continuity management (BCM) systems have been proven to be a decisive factor when building supply chain resilience, increasing visibility over suppliers, top management commitment and reducing the amount of disruptions.

Thus, using a BCM approach, this course will show participants how to:

  • Perform a risk assessment of their supply chain;
  • Identify the critical suppliers for their organization;
  • Mitigate disruptions;
  • Reduce losses and increase efficiency to their supply chain.

What can you do after this course?​

The final goal of this course will be to provide participants with the necessary knowledge and technical skills to deploy a Supply Chain Resilience Strategy, also through the use of real-life case studies and exercises.

Who is this course for?​

Anyone who has a professional interest in Supply Chain Management, be it a senior executive or a young professional eager to start a career in the fields of Procurement, Business Continuity, Crisis Management, Risk Management, Health Safety and Environment, Safety and Security, and Disaster Recovery.

How is the course built?​

This Supply Chain Resilience course will leverage both PANTA RAY’s internal knowledge, which includes experienced practitioners and researchers in the field, as well as external collaborations with prominent industry personalities and thought leaders from academia, such as the Politecnico of Milan.

Below you can find the schedule for the course:


  1. Supply Chain Threat Landscape:
  • Current threats to the supply chain;
  • The future threat landscape;
  • Real cases: An in-depth analysis.
  1. Supply chain complexity:
  • Understanding the need for supply chain resilience;
  • Complexity factors within supply chains;
  • Inter-connected supply chains.
  1. Business Continuity Management:
  • Introducing the BCM lifecycle;
  • The role of the BIA;
  • International standards and guidelines.
  1. Business Continuity Management in the Supply Chain:
  • How BCM increases resilience;
  • Supply chain resilience metrics;
  • Real-life application of BCM within supply chains.
  1. The digital revolution:
  • Digitalizing BCM;
  • Crisis communications;
  • IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.
  1. Deploying supply chain resilience strategies through BCM:
  • Resources;
  • Top management buy-in;
  • Teams;
  • Supply chain wide collaboration.
  1. Final workshop:
  • Building a preliminary BCM plan for the supply chain.

Meet our trainers

All of our trainers for this course are experts in the disciplines of organizational resilience and have an extensive experience in theory and practice of supply chain resilience.

Gianluca Riglietti

Gianluca Riglietti CBCI

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