PANTA RAY adopts an innovative approach to management consulting, with the aim to:

  • Transfer the competences within the organization; and
  • Support the Management Team in the delivery of a continuity and resilience program that can provide lasting effects in time.

For this reason, we offer a 360 degrees service to our clients, spanning from training and awareness to consulting and products.

PANTA RAY offers a wide range of training sessions on the key disciplines of resilience

The CBCI Certification Course

Learn the methodology to implement an effective business continuity management system

Crisis Management Course

Expand your knowledge about techniques and methodologies to handle crises successfully

Incident Communications

Kaspersky Incident Comm (KIC) Course

Get an in-depth knowledge on how to manage communications during cyber incidents

Supply chain resilience

Supply Chain Resilience Course

Adopt the best practices to manage risks and minimize their impact on your supply chain

Looking for something else? We also build courses tailored to your needs.

Awareness to the Top Management

The objective of these sessions is to provide a top level induction on the key principles of organizational resilience and encourage top management to use leadership.

Training to the continuity & risk resilience team

The objective of these sessions is to stimulate interest in the topic with the use of practical case studies and engage the team to prompt action in order to achieve resilience.

Training sessions to all staff

The objective of these sessions is to share the key principles of organizational resilience and motivate the staff’s interest and involvement in the subject.

Training sessions in E-learning

The objective of these sessions is to engage participants with the use of an intuitive and user-friendly platform and stimulate their interest in the topic.

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PANTA RAY can support you in all of the following activities

Definition of policies to communicate Top Management’s commitment towards organizational resilience

  • Establishing policies, procedures and internal guidelines
  • Defining the scope of the program and the governance model
  • Aligning the methodology to international standards
  • Performing a Quality Review of the full program

Analysis of main sources of risk, threats, priorities and requirements in case of a critical event

  • Building Business Impact Analysis (BIA) models
  • Identifying priorities among products, services, processes and activities
  • Performing Risk Assessments and Threat Analyses
  • Defining risk and continuity parameters

Design and implementation of strategies and tactics for organizational resilience

  • Defining strategies and tactics for managing risk and continuity
  • Implementing measures to manage and mitigate risks and threats
  • Building an incident response structure
  • Drafting continuity and resilience plans

Test, maintenance and review of the resilience management program

  • Exercising the ability to respond to an incident
  • Supporting the auditing phase
  • Simulating crisis scenarios with the involvement of the Top Management
  • Encouraging continuous improvement

24/7 live and on location support in case of a crisis or incident

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PANTA RAY cooperates with a network of highly qualified partners to provide you with a top-notch experience in the organizational resilience market

Best Mass Notification software in the market, used by major organizations for people security and business protection in case of critical events

Multi award winning Business Continuity Management software; it provides solutions for the development of resilience programs that are compliant with international standards and best practices

SUPERNAP Italia is the biggest data center in Southern Europe. It is built with the most advanced technologies, making it one of the most resilient data centers in Europe.

Kaspersky Lab is a global cybersecurity company, which has been operating in the market for over 20 years.

International SOS is the world’s leading medical and security risk services company. They save and protect lives from more than 1,000 locations in 90 countries.

Regus workplace recovery is one of the leading providers of workplace recovery solutions globally. With 3000 locations worldwide and 24/7 resilient operations, Regus can fully cover you in any emergency.

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