PANTA RAY publishes the ‘Rising in Resilience’ report

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On September 27th, we launched our new report ‘Rising in Resilience’, which focuses on the perspective of younger professionals in the resilience industry.

With this initiative, PANTA RAY aims to give voice to them and encourage a broader and better involvement of this category in the discussions surrounding the resilience disciplines. We believe their engagement and contribution is paramount for the growth and development of the industry.

In the report, we interview 10 emerging professionals about their viewpoints on the industry.  We have also set up a series of follow-up webinars, where both experienced and rising resilience practitioners will have a chance to openly discuss some of the key issues for the rising workforce.

October 7th: How to influence your profession: A discussion on how younger practitioners can participate in the creation and update of international standards

November 14th: The role of the BIA: An expert’s view on how to make your life easier when performing a business impact analysis

December 9th: The path to business continuity: How is the rising workforce different from the established one? Are the two willing to learn from each other? If yes, how?

Download the report here:

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