Resilience Strategies for Complex Supply Chains – Volume I

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In collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano, PANTA RAY releases a report focused on supply chain resilience

PANTA RAY is proud to present the first volume of a new series of reports focused on supply chain resilience.

The series, developed in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano, offers practitioners real world examples to get relevant insights on how different structures and levels of complexity of the supply chain can influence, positively or negatively, the response and recovery to a disruption.

The entire series is made of 16 case studies of global organizations that suffered supply chain incidents of various nature and demonstrated different levels of supply chain resilience.

The goal of this cover report is to present the cases in an aggregate way, showing the main findings of the entire study. In addition, the first two disruption cases are featured. Click here to download the report for free!

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