Kaspersky Incident Communication (KACIC) Course

Enhance your internal communication to be ready to disclose a cyber-incident

Choose the right training package for your organization to mitigate the impact of any cyber attack.

Why take a kaspersky incidency communication (KIC) course?

From the instant a cyber-incident is discovered, every action counts. How your communications are managed – externally and internally – is critical, particularly when dealing with unknown attack vectors and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).

When your organization comes under attack, your Corporate Communications Team must be ready to minimize the damage caused, through authoritative, appropriate, accurate and timely actions:

  • Authoritative – Reassuring customers, stakeholders and the press that the organization is fully in control of the situation and is dealing with it calmly and effectively.
  • Appropriate – Using the appropriate tools, channels and language to inform and reassure without causing panic or confusion, and without inadvertently assisting your attackers.
  • Accurate – Avoiding the adverse consequences of unintentionally making potentially misleading statements or claims while under attack.
  • Timely – Ensuring that all your legal and regulatory obligations, relating to the public disclosure of specific information regarding any data, are fully met within the timeframes stipulated.

What can you do after this course?​

Kaspersky has developed best-of-breed training that empowers top management and corporate communications professionals to handle crisis communications, including developing and applying appropriate assets, while under attack from an unknown cyber-incident or Advanced Persistent Threat (APT). Through a choice of short, intensive workshops, we will arm your CorpComms Team with:

  • The ability to appreciate what’s happening, why and what the results could be.
  • An understanding of how such incidents can and should be handled, and how this is done.
  • An established communications gateway between the CorpComms and IT Security Teams.
  • Hands-on experience of similar incidents gained through practical exercises.
  • The appropriate tools to cope and to communicate safely and effectively.
  • The knowledge to create or refine an efficient, practical cyber-crisis communications plan that reflects your current threat landscape.
  • The confidence and expertise to act calmly, smoothly and professionally in a time of corporate crisis.
  • An online service keeping you informed on emerging threats and their potential impact to your company’s brand.

Who is this course for?​

This course is perfect for communication professionals and information security professionals, who both have the responsibility to successfully handle internal and external communication during and after a cyber attack.

The course may also involve people who do forensic and threat investigation, provide all technical operation security tools, and all top managers, who should be involved for controlling the execution of the crisis management plan.

How is the course built?​

We can offer two different and complementary packages for this course.

Standard Training

An information-packed, lively, half-day session suitable for communications professionals at all levels. How can you be sure you’re communicating the right information, and doing it securely, in the event of an advanced or unknown cyber-incident? Our standard training package pairs historical insights with an understanding of the broader cyber-incident landscape, while our database of recent case studies is used to explore best (and worst) practices.

Outcome – Participants emerge armed with the knowledge, the tools and the confidence needed to perform effectively during, and in the aftermath of, a cybercrisis.

Tailored Workshop

A professional skills training workshop, custom-built for your organization on the basis of:

  • Your key objectives in building and maintaining your business continuity program.
  • Our knowledge of the specific threats currently targeting your industry and organizations like your own.
  • The outcomes of our pre-workshop audits of your incident protocols and reporting lines, and of a simulated ‘phishing attack’ conducted (with your knowledge and approval) by us on your organization.

The result is a full-day customized workshop, preparing your top management and Corporate Communications Team to manage communications effectively in the event of an advanced or unknown cyber-incident.

Threats and scenarios specific to your organization and its environment are explored in depth, best practices and appropriate tools and responses are analyzed, and recommendations made.

These recommendations feed into your Cyber-Crisis Communications Plan, which is developed and ‘live tested’ during the workshop in a specially-crafted ‘war room’ experience based on a fictitious scenario.

Outcome – your company will emerge from this experience with the precise knowledge, skills, tools, and hands-on experience required to mitigate the damage to your organization from whatever’s about to come your way.

Download the data sheet for further information.

Meet our trainers

Gianna Detoni FBCI

Alberto Mattia MBCI

Gianluca Riglietti

Gianluca Riglietti CBCI

THE kaspersky incident communication COURSE

For this course we can organize online dedicated sessions, by defining a date in advance, for a minimum of 5 participants.

Send us a message if you want to know more. 

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