Gold is nice but data is better (BCAW webinar presentation)

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On the occasion of the Business Continuity Awareness Week 2019, organized by the Business Continuity Institute and sponsored by ClearView Continuity, our Head of Research and Intelligence Gianluca Riglietti, in collaboration with Cristina Lumina from SUPERNAP Italia, conducted a webinar on how to effectively and resiliently manage data in an organization.

Does your data center look like this? This is a summary of the most important threats and considerations an organization should address when choosing or building a new data center.

The webinar was a huge participation success and gave some practical indications on how to build a resilient data center and securely manage data, a more and more precious asset any organization gets to handle.

We thank all the participants and hope you enjoyed the webinar and took some useful insights out of it. For those who could not attend, the BCI will soon make available a recording of the session.

Please contact us if you have any questions on the webinar, or this topic more in general.

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