Gianna Detoni speaks at the Kaspersky Security Analyst Summit (SAS)

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The Security Analyst Summit is a Conference Kaspersky organizes every year to provide a platform for encouraging debate, information sharing and display of research, new technologies, and ways to improve collaboration on the fight against cyber-crime.

On April 10th, PANTA RAY’s President took the stage at SAS in Singapore to discuss and encourage a wise and beneficial joint venture between cybersecurity and business continuity.

In her speech, Gianna demonstrated how the concept of organizational resilience has changed over the years, now encompassing various disciplines, contributing altogether to the resilience of an organization. Among these, of course, cybersecurity and business continuity.

An organization cannot achieve cyber resilience by just adopting the best technologies and not focusing on business continuity, and vice versa.

But resilience is not limited to these two disciplines, of course; enterprise risk management, crisis management, emergency management, health & safety management, and many more (see ISO22316 for detail), these are all disciplines that, if well performed and coordinated, can guarantee long term survival and success to an organization.

The SAS is a conference Kaspersky organizes every year to provide “an exclusive atmosphere that encourages debate, information sharing and display of cutting-edge research, new technologies, and ways to improve collaboration in the fight against cyber-crime” (Kasperky’s SAS website).

The event attracts high-caliber anti-malware researchers, global law enforcement agencies and CERTs and senior executives from financial services, technology, healthcare, academia and government agencies.

For PANTA RAY, it was a pleasure and an honor getting the chance to spread our message about resilience from such an important stage. Looking forward to the next opportunity!

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