Gianna Detoni speaker @ The World Bank in Washington

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Nov. 17 – Gianna Detoni, President&Founder of PANTA RAY, was invited to hold a speech as international Business Continuity expert and thought leader in a workshop on Operational Risk Management organized by The World Bank.

In her new role as Global Industry Personality of the Year, Gianna spoke to an audience of risk and financial professionals working in central banks from all over the world. Gianna explained the key concepts and principles at the basis for a correct methodology of business continuity management. The presentation, titled “The Business Continuity Management System: An Essential Tool for a Real Resilience”, is available for download at the link at the bottom of this page.

We finally thank Alessandro Caillat, Senior Financial Officer for The World Bank and BCI Italy Forum Board Member, for inviting Gianna and giving her the opportunity to spread the word of continuity and resilience to such a global and important audience.

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