PANTA RAY launches the Geopolitical Risk Report 2019

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PANTA RAY, in collaboration with Commercial Risk, launches the Geopolitical Risk Report 2019.

PANTA RAY, in collaboration with Commercial Risk, launches the Geopolitical Risk Report 2019, sponsored by Liberty Specialty Markets.

The report examines which are the most disruptive as well as the most frequent incidents among organizations and deals with the most effective risk assessment methods and mitigation measures also through the analysis of four relevant case studies.

The first case study deals with the online gaming industry in the Philippines. The second one is about Kaspersky Lab’s response to Duqu 2.0 and focuses on how the company managed their communication strategy during a cyber attack.

The third case study shows how a law firm protected sensitive information from a politically motivated cyber attack, while the last one investigates how Brexit is affecting the workforce’s mental health.

Download the report for free by clicking here.

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