Enterprise Risk Management Course

Get a hold of the key principles and best practices to manage risks in your organization.

Join our full-day training dedicated to enterprise risk management.

Why take an Enterprise Risk Management course?

ISO 31000: 2009 states that “Organizations of all types and sizes face internal and external factors and influences that make it uncertain whether and when they will achieve their objectives. The effect this uncertainty has on an organization’s objectives is “risk,” and PANTA RAY believes that all organizations must live and work by these words.

In a world where change is the only constant, to be active in the marketplace is to be subjected to many and varied forms of risk. Changes in the social media landscape? Political instability? Terrorist attack? Environmental catastrophe? Financial collapse? The past few years have seen them all, and all have combined, in one way or another, to affect organizational strategies across the world.

The well-run organization must prepare for everything (including the unexpected) but it can start by preparing for the expected (and for the most impactful). Good Risk Managers play a key role in the continued success of their organizations: by putting their workplace on much more solid ground, they contribute to making it more resilient.

What can you do after this course?​

PANTA RAY’s Risk Management course offers a substantial overview of Risk Management first principles and best practices to help dedicated professionals understand the methodology at the basis of good Risk Management systems.

Who is this course for?​

Anyone who has a professional interest in Risk Management, be it a senior executive or a young professional eager to systemize their Risk Management experience. Students will leave the course with the skills and knowledge necessary to implement effective Risk Management systems.

How is the course built?​

1 full-day lesson

Introduction to Risk

  • Origins and evolution
  • What is Risk?
  • What is a Risk Management Framework?

International Standards

  • ISO 31000:2018
  • ISO 31010:2009

Establishing the Context

Risk Architecture

  • Governance model
  • Layers of control

Setting a Risk Strategy

  • Risk Tolerance vs. Risk Appetite
  • Risk Attitude

Risk Assessment

  • Risk Identification
  • Risk Analysis
  • Risk Evaluation

Risk Treatment

  • Terminate, transfer, treat or tolerate
  • Risk controls

Risk Reporting

Risk Resilience

Meet our trainers

All of our trainers for this course are BCI Approved Instructors, IRM certified and have an extensive experience in theory and practice of organizational resilience.

Gianna Detoni FBCI

Alberto Mattia MBCI

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Get in touch with us and let’s agree on a dedicate time and location for a session of the CM course. This option is available for a minimum of 5 participants.

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