Does Italy have the right business continuity to host EMA?

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by Gianna Detoni

The European Council included business continuity amongst the 6 key criteria to select the new locations of EMA (European Medicines Agency) and EBA (European Banking Authority), which will both need to be moved away from London following Brexit. With this choice, the European Council wants to make sure both institutions will continue to provide their services with no relevant interruption during relocation.

The Italian Government is going to candidate Milan for EMA – submissions are due within 31st of July. In a letter to the Italian newspaper “Il Sole 24 Ore”, Paolo Gentiloni, Italian Prime Minister, confirmed that the dossier is ready and they already identified the building to host the offices (Pirelli’s skyscraper). Considering the relevance of business continuity in the selection process, I hope that the professionals who are taking care of the application can participate in a BCI Italy Forum meeting and, even better, gain a certification in Business Continuity. I am sure the knowledge they would acquire would turn out to be fundamental to win such an important match for Italy. 

The interest around this choice is huge, since EMA could bring in many benefits for the new location. In order to perform its delicate duty of evaluation of medicinal products, EMA consists of several committees and working groups, managed by a Secretariat, whose members are representatives of each member state, plus 2 members of the European Parliament and 2 from the European Commission. EMA currently employs 900 professionals, has an annual budget of around 300 million Euros and organizes many conventions and conferences: on average, we are talking of 500 international meetings every year, for as many as 65,000 participants. Therefore, the income for the hosting city will be enormous. The potential flow of people in hotels, restaurants, public and private transports, retail businesses and tourist destinations in the hosting country, is convincing many member states to present their candidacies to replace London.

For this reason, I hope that who will bring forward the candidacy of Milan can have access to the right skills and notions of business continuity. The BCI Italy Forum meetings and the BCI certifications are definitely the best opportunity to get an in-depth knowledge of the subject. 


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