E-learning Courses

PANTA RAY has designed an e-learning course for all companies that want to increase their resilience and business continuity.

A good business continuity system cannot do without the collaboration of all the company’s people, and an agile and interactive e-learning course is the best way to achieve this.
The course can be tailored to the needs of your company and the resilience objectives that you want to achieve.

Business Continuity

How much do you know about business continuity?

Our trailer will give you the reasons why it is essential to go deeper.


Our fast and efficient course is a useful tool, both as a review for those who already work in business continuity, and as an introduction for colleagues who do not know its principles. Make sure that everyone is aware of the need to mitigate the impacts of disruptions and crises.

Crisis Management

Can any company be considered immune to a potential crisis?

Our trailer will show you that a good level of crisis preparedness is fundamental to ensure your company’s success in the long run.

Our fast and efficient course is a useful tool, is the best way to ensure that Crisis Management principles are embedded within the company. Our course is a valid tool, both for those with a pre-existing knowledge base and as an introductory course for beginners.

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