Crisis Management Course

Learn the most up-to-date techniques and methodologies to effectively handle crises.

Join our full immersion in the key principles and best practices of crisis management.

What can you do after this course?​

PANTA RAY’s Crisis Management course offers a substantial overview of Crisis Management first principles and best practices to help dedicated professionals understand the methodology at the basis of good Crisis Management systems.  

Who is this course for?​

Anyone who has a professional interest in Crisis Management, be it a senior executive or a young professional eager to start a career in the fields of Business Continuity, Crisis Management, Risk Management, Health Safety and Environment, Safety and Security, and Disaster Recovery. Students will leave the course with the skills and knowledge necessary to implement an effective Crisis Management system.

How is the course built?​

One day only course


Continuity & Resilience

  • Origins and Evolutions
  • The importance of the cultural changement
  • The value of top management commitment
  • The critical success factors

Horizon Scanning – Emergency threats

Normative Introduction: international standard (ISO 22301:2012; ISO 22320:2018 e BS 11200:2014)and Resilience

Crisis Management

  • Definition and objectives
  • Crisis costs
  • Top management concerns

How to manage Crisis

  • Preparation programme
  • Key elements for a good crisis plan
  • Procedure escalation
  • Roles and responsibilities – top management role before, during and after a crisis

Tools and Good Practices

Crisis Communication

  • Behavior protocol 
  • Reputation as crucial asset
  • Best practice
  • Mistakes to avoid

Case Studies

Debate and Conclusion

Meet our trainers

All of our trainers for this course are BCI Approved Instructors and have an extensive experience in theory and practice of organizational resilience. 

Gianna Detoni FBCI

Alberto Mattia MBCI

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Crisis Management courses

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