Resilience is key for the success of an organization.

Companies are investing more and more resources in disciplines such as business continuity, enterprise risk management and crisis management in order to sustain a competitive advantage in their market.

If you would like to be part of this wave, take a look at our open positions and join us.

PANTA RAY employee experiences:

I came to PANTA RAY for a six-month internship, before being hired full-time, and I’m proud every day of the choice I made. Working in a small, agile team gives you responsibilities and challenges you can’t find anywhere else: in six months, I saw fighter planes and military helicopters, up close; engaged with clients in high-level boardrooms; and saw the results of our efforts presented in front of a huge client’s entire Management team. I’ll say this: if you work hard in PANTA RAY, you can truly see it all.
Jacopo M. Capparelli
Associate Consultant
Elisa Asteria
I started to work in PANTA RAY in April 2018 as the office manager. The following week, I was enrolled in a business continuity training course. As a matter of fact, the best part of working here is that the focus is on people, who are given the chance to constantly learn and grow. Moreover, every day is different from the others and this allows us to always acquire new skills and gain experience. Last but not least, the team is very cohesive and always supportive in case of necessity.
Elisa Asteria
Administration Assistant
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