Business Impact Analysis (BIA) Course

Learn all the right steps to perform an effective business impact analysis.

Join our dedicated session to discover everything about one of the most crucial phases of the business continuity management lifecycle.

Why take a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) course?

Managers, business owners, and business continuity professionals all have a stake in the resilience of the organization where they spend most of their day. But it is often the case that business continuity can feel like an afterthought compared to physical security, or even that expending time and effort on improvement is time that could be better spent elsewhere.

Good BIAs show why this is not and should not be the case. They provide objective, rigorous, and detailed maps of an organization’s critical areas, with granular results: the BIA’s continuity requirement analysis tells the discerning business continuity professional exactly where to look for the organization’s next business security investment. Thanks to great BIAs, then, managers and business owners can count on something rare indeed: the big picture and the fine print at the same time.

BIAs are indispensable components of useful and well-run Business Continuity Management Systems (BCMS). Everyone who cares about their organization’s resilience should know how best to run one.

What can you do after this course?​

PANTA RAY’s Business Impact Analysis course offers a substantial overview of BIA first principles and best practices to help dedicated professionals understand the methodology at the basis of good BIAs. This will leave the participant with the proper knowledge to set up an effective BIA.

Who is this course for?​

Anyone who has a professional interest in organizational resilience and business continuity. Organizations who are in the midst of implementing their own BCMS are welcome.

How is the course built?​

1 full-day lesson


Continuity & Resilience

  • Origins and Evolutions

Horizon Scanning

  • Growing Threats
  • Case Studies

International Standards

  • ISO 22301: 2012
  • ISO 22317: 2015

Terms and Definitions

  • What is a BIA?
  • What are a BIAs outcomes?

Business Continuity Management System Lifecycle

  • Policy & Program Management
  • Embedding BC and Resilience
  • Business Impact Analysis, Risk and Threat Analysis
  • Business Continuity Strategies and Tactics Design
  • Business Continuity Plan and Crisis Plan
  • Validation (Tests and Maintenance)

BIA process-specific roles and responsibilities

Performing the Business Impact Analysis

  • Product/Service Prioritization
  • Process Prioritization
  • Activity Prioritization

Analysis Consolidation

After the BIA

  • Business Continuity Strategy Selection

BIA Process Monitoring and Review

Meet our trainers

All of our trainers for this course are BCI Approved Instructors and have an extensive experience in theory and practice of business continuity.

Gianna Detoni FBCI

Alberto Mattia MBCI

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Get in touch with us and let’s agree on a dedicate time and location for a session of the BIA course. This option is available for a minimum of 5 participants.

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