Business Continuity Course

Through our one day course you can have a useful overview of each phase of the business continuity management lifecycle and the best practice.

What can you do after this course?​

At the end of the course the participant will have acquired all the necessary information to get introduce an effective Business Continuity Management program.

Who is this course for?​

This course is targeted to professionals dealing with business continuity, information technology, disaster recovery, organization, human resources, health, safety and security, risk management, crisis and emergency management who wish to integrate practical experience with a methodological training. It is ideal also for the newcomers of the discipline, who are interested in pursuing a career in this fast-paced growing market.

How is the course built?​

One day only course


Business Continuity Overview:

  • Historical background and market
  • Definition and objective
  • Main threats and risks on business continuity
  • The importance to involve any corporate function
  • International standard and best practice 
  • The characteristics to reach a good Business Continuity Management System (BCMS)

Business Continuity Management System:

  • Policy e programme management
  • How to write a good Policy
  • Define the governance
  • The role of Top Management
  • The role of Business Continuity Manager


  • How to make sure continuity is part of your organizational culture.
  • Benefits from a resilience and business continuity culture

Analysis: details on what are the analyses to perform to project and implement a business continuity management system.

  • “Critical vs. Important” concept
  • “Scenario-independent” concept
  • Risk management ≠ BC
  • BIA players: Top Management, Business Continuity Manager e Process-Owner
  • BIA initial
  • BIA for products and services
  • BIA for processes
  • Analysis of requirements and conditions
  • What IS NOT BIA
  • Common mistakes to avoid

Implementation of continuity solutions

  • From the analysis to the plan: the design
  • Strategic and tactical continuity standard solutions
  • RTO e RPO

Business Continuity plans

  • Strategic business continuity plan
  • Tactical business continuity plan
  • Operating business continuity plan
  • Main point for a good plan
  • Business Continuity Manager role during the implementation of a plan


  • How to make good exercises
  • Continuous improvement

Debate and conclusion

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