Next is the Business Continuity awareness week!

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On the week commencing on May 14th, the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) will hold the Business Continuity Awareness Week (BCAW). The objective of the week is to gather resilience and continuity professionals from around the world to raise awareness on this fascinating discipline.

There is an increasing interest in organizational resilience and business continuity, and the job of the BCI and its local chapters and forums played was key in this direction. That is why such a week is important in order to continue spreading the word of continuity.

It will consist of a series of webinars from worldwide experts of continuity. PANTA RAY will have the pleasure to open these sessions with a webinar on ‘Building Resilient Cities: A New Challenge for the BCI Community’, which will be given by Francesco Bongiorno, PANTA RAY’s Marketing Manager and also Board Member of the BCI Italy Forum, on Monday 14th at 11am CEST.

This is a short description of the webinar:

Resilience is not something an organization can achieve on its own; while supply chain resilience is often discussed among the professional network, we rarely think about engaging the wider community in our journey towards organizational resilience. Can an organization be resilient in a non-resilient environment? The answer is no. How do we spread the resilience culture? The BCI Community must contribute to the emerging debate on resilient cities. Not only by sharing knowledge and best practices, but also facilitating the networking opportunities among organizations, professionals and public institutions.

 If you want to take part, register here!

On the same week, the BCI will also launch the Resilience Manifesto, a document that contains the fundamental principles of organizational resilience. We will know more about the Manifesto during the presentation next week. Stay tuned!

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