9th BCI Italy Forum Meeting

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Milan, 29/9/17

Yesterday we had our 9th BCI Italy Forum Meeting, the fifth and last this year, now waiting for the Annual Conference, on November 28.

The event opened with a report by Alberto Mattia (BCI Italy Forum Board Member and CEO of PANTA RAY) on the status of the BCI Italy Forum, our next appointments and the growth objectives of this great community.

Talking of growth objectives, Francesco Bongiorno (Marketing Manager in PANTA RAY) offered us some useful tips on how we can shape our message so that our passion for resilience and continuity can infect our colleagues, clients and friends.

Finally, we had two speeches on workplace recovery. By workplace recovery, we mean the return to a predefined level of activities after a disaster or big incident significantly impaired our offices or critical infrastructures, such as data centers.

The first was held by Gianluca Riglietti (Research and Insights Associate for the Business Continuity Institute), who showcased some of the data the BCI collected in a recent report on this topic.

Gianluca was dollowed by Brendan Seifried, Director EMEA for Regus, a company specialized in flexible workplace solutions and, of course, in workplace recovery. His speech took inspiration from the recent area disasters caused by Irma and Harvey to demonstrate how an effective management of workplace recovery is fundamental for an organization that aspires to be resilient.

We thank the 40 people who joined the meeting (both live and online), and see you at the Conference in November – with even more enthusiasm and resilience!

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