We are looking for an Office Manager to join our team with a 1-year fixed term contract aimed at a permanent position. The ideal candidate is fluent in Italian/English, with a detail-oriented aptitude and a good balance between organizational and relational skills. Previous work experience is not required.

Why you should apply…

PANTA RAY is a family and people-centric business, where the self-actualization of each team member is supported as a key element to develop a positive work environment.

We are a group of passionate and like-minded professionals, who enjoy working together as a team. We strongly believe in the value of resilience; we achieve our business objectives by empowering people and building relationships based on mutual trust and transparency.

We train our staff! The successful candidate will start by undertaking the CBCI Certification Course (totally funded by PANTA RAY).

Last, but not least: we have an outstanding track record, a promising outlook, and we partner with the most relevant Italian and international organizations to make the world more resilient.

Career outlook…

The Office Manager is a key element of the CEO Staff. We offer a 1-year fixed term contract, aimed at a permanent position. The career growth really depends on the candidate’s potential and desires; however, an Office Manager at PANTA RAY may evolve into an Administration Manager (2-3 years) or the Head of the CEO Staff (4-5 years).

Job description…

The Office Manager at PANTA RAY is responsible for the organization of the office, and is accountable for any activity relating to the operation of the team. Following is a list of tasks and daily activities:

§  Dealing with correspondence and queries;

§  Organizing meetings and managing databases;

§  Managing our daily invoicing process;

§  Ordering stationery and furniture, according to the office budget;

§  Booking transport and accommodation;

§  Implementing and maintaining procedures/office administrative systems;

§  Liaising with staff, suppliers, clients and other stakeholders;

§  Supporting our marketing manager in organizing company events or conferences;

§  Preparing letters, presentations and reports;

§  Assisting in the onboarding process for new hires.

However, please take into account that every day is different at PANTA RAY and we all adapt to different needs. Resilience is always the key!

Who we are looking for…

The ideal candidate is fluent in Italian and English. This is mandatory. We are looking for someone who is very good at using Microsoft Office. This is a basic requirement, and is mandatory as well. He or she has excellent written and verbal communication skills, knows how to organize work in a fast-paced environment, and is a detail-oriented person able to manage time, prioritize work and multi-task.

We hire people that can help us improve. A creative mind, problem-solver and dedicated person who actually cares for PANTA RAY will be much appreciated. A good candidate understands that PANTA RAY’s success really depends on its people.

One more tip! Reputation is our most important asset. Therefore, make sure you are able to show you can add value to our organization.

How to apply…

If you are interested in this position, feel free to send your résumé and a cover letter (in English) at info@pantaray.eu. We always give a feedback to each candidate, and this implies we read everything we receive. Please be creative!

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